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Target Disorders Ophthalmology

Our aim is to overcome ophthalmic and CNS diseases


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Ophthalmic surgical and diagnostic instruments have advanced dramatically in the last few decades. In parallel, new therapeutic drugs for the treatment of ocular disorders have emerged. For example, intravitreal injection forms of ophthalmic drugs have been instrumental for the treatment of retinal diseases. Due to these advances, the approval of many new ophthalmic therapeutic drugs is expected.

Under these circumstances, we have decided to expand our pipeline to include ophthalmic drugs. Dr. Shiro Mita, the founder of M’s Science, worked for Santen Pharmaceutical Co. for more than 10 years. Santen is a specialty ophthalmic drug company in Japan, and Dr. Mita was the director of R&D. During his time at Santen, Dr. Mita led the successful development of several ophthalmic drugs. He also created solid friendships with many Japanese ophthalmologists. Currently, Dr. Mita is one of the board members of the Society of Japanese Ocular Pharmacology. Therefore, Dr. Mita’s successful career in ophthalmic drug research places us in a strong position for drug development in the ophthalmology field.